MSTV Up and Running at the SMAMS

Our MSTV studio is run by Mrs. Newton. Each morning students are broadcast over the TVs in our school to share the latest news and activities that are taking place at school. They also cover the sports, lunch and weather to keep all middle school students up to date. 

Below are some of the students throughout the building you may have seen on the MSTV news this year! 

 8th Grade:

Mason Sheeley

Liam Brem

Sydney Smith

Kara Hanslovan

Maura Caskey

Sophia Radkowski


 7th Grade:

Carmen Kopp

Lawna Robinson

Roin Lion

Ava Villella

Lucy Hayes

Mary Difilippi

Nina Thompson

Julian Carlson

Sophia Condon

Gabby Pistner

Allison Heindl

Dianne Barnhart

Myrtella Benevich

Jeffery Caggeso


6th grade:

Molly Hanslovan

Mason Nicklas

MaryAnna Sines

Every quarter you have the opportunity to sign-up for the MSTV crew. Our studio is located in the 8th grade hallway by the art room. Mrs. Newton wants all students who are interested in learning  about technology and computers, people who can speak loudly and fluently, also people who work well in a group to apply. 

SMAMS Shoe Drive

“Shoe Us Some Love”

Mrs. McMackin and the students here at the SMAMS have been collecting shoes for our shoe drive for the past several weeks. These shoes will be collected and used to help kids across the world. Money received for the shoes will also be used to help supply the care closet with needed materials. We have a total of  a little over 1,000 shoes so far! Our goal is 2,500 pairs of shoes! Recently, Dave’s Pro Shop gave a generous donation to this cause and Elk County Catholic Schools are also working with us to make this a success.


Throughout the collection, incentives have been used to help collect shoes. At one point, kids received a dum dum lollipop in exchange for a pair of shoes. We also had a Sadie’s dance where if you brought a pair of shoes, you would only have to pay $2 instead of $5. Students were also permitted free admission to a recent basketball game with a pair of shoes! 


We are still hoping to have a lot more kids bring in shoes and help us with our shoe drive.  Keep going through your closets, asking your friends, family members, and neighbors and bring more shoes in. You still have tons of time to bring shoes in as it ends March 15. Thank you!


There is a Mini Thon coming up! The Mini Thon is on February 21 from 3-9 pm at the Middle School. It costs $10 and includes a tee shirt, all food and drinks, and all games/ activities. The money raised is going to go to pediatric cancer research.

At this Mini Thon you can dance, play games, compete in contests, and eat good food! Some of the activities include, video game tournaments, karaoke, dancing, and lots more! We will have a different theme each hour, such as “glow hour”, “throwback hour”, and more!

See Mrs.Penn or Mrs. Smith to get registered for the event! Have fun at the Mini Thon!

Written by: Olivia C

Merry Christmas

It’s almost Christmas! Christmas is on Wednesday, December 25th. Remember to be kind to one another! Guess what St. Marys Area Middle School? We get a longer break for Christmas this year! We are done at 12:30 on December 20th and don’t return to school until January 2nd!  Are you going to go ice skating, tubing, or playing in the snow? Make sure to wear a hat, gloves, scarves, snow pants and a winter jacket when going outside to play in the snow!

This time of year gets crazy so make sure you keep up with your schoolwork so you don’t have any late work to complete over break! What do you want for Christmas? Make your list for Christmas and make your New Year resolution. If you don’t get what you wanted be thankful anyway!

Don’t forget Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

                                                                         By Kenzey and Olivia


Breathtaking Bracelets

Have you heard that you can buy beautiful bracelets? The SLICE club members will be making bracelets that students can purchase. These bracelets will come in Dutch colors for one dollar or two dollars for a custom one. There are boxes located around the school where you can submit your order form. The boxes are located in the office and cafeteria. Be sure to include your name and money somewhere in your envelope!

By Kenadi Nesbitt


This Day in History Oct 24


MESSENGER spacecraft does a flyby at planet Venus


First National Day of Climate Action is organized


Hurricane Sandy begins in Jamaica 


Launch of Deep Space 1 on a comet and asteroid mission


First Toronto International Film Festival takes place


KRO shows first episode of Bonanza


President Dwight D Eisenhower pledges that America will support South Vietnam

Writer: Kaiden Bayer


SMAMS’s Spooktacular Bakesale! Oct 28-30th

Did you know that Student Council hosted a Bake Sale?  The money earned will be benefiting the National Downs Syndrome Association! Our donation of $450.00 will be in honor of Anna Radkowski, the youngest sibling to Sophia Radkowski and Maria Radkowski here at our school, and Tara Stauffer Vavala’s grandson. Not only did it benefit them, but many students benefited their stomachs with these delicious treats! Our Bake Sale was held 8/28/19 – 8/30/19. We hope you had some of our spooky treats to make your morning just a little bit brighter! The Bake Sale was located right when you walk in the double doors to enter the school building. Our spooky snacks surely gave you a fright! We hope you had a Happy Halloween! 

-Jesse Garthwaite

The Star Spangled Banner

On September 14, 1814 a lawyer by the name of Francis Scott Key wrote a famous poem that is forever remembered by millions. We sing it at church, at baseball games, or any special event.  It is called the National Anthem.  


On September 14, 1814,  Francis Scott Key’s friend was taken prisoner by the British.  This is during the War of 1812. The British’s next target was Baltimore.  Francis Scott Key headed out for Baltimore and made it. He went out on a rowboat to a British War Ship to negotiate for the prisoners to be released.  The British said everyday they would exchange only so much prisoners. With excitement, Francis Scott-Key went down below and there was a cargo ship full of hundreds of humans in filth.  Francis Scott-Key said “Men, Tonight you will be taken out of your chains, out of your filth.”  

Francis Scott-Key went back up and there he was stopped by the ship commander.  The commander said “That won’t matter.” 

Francis Scott-Key said “Why?” 

The commander said “Well tonight your men will lay down that flag or if you will scan the horizon.” Scott-Key saw thousands of British war ships. The commander continued ny saying “That’s the whole British war fleet and if you don’t lay that flag down we will bomb that fort.”

 Scott-Key said “You can’t bomb that fort that-that’s a large fort it’s full of women in children!” Then the hours went by and the British war fleet unleashed.  Later the prisoners asked Scott-Key “What’s that sound?”

 “That’s bombing.” Scott-Key said and then informed them what’s going on.

 “Well keep us updated,” said the prisoners.  One to two hours into the bombing the prisoners said this prayer, “God keep that flag flying….” as George Washington said,  “The thing that sets the American apart from others is that he will die on his feet before he dies on his knees.” The British commander said, “YOUR MEN ARE CRAZY! IT’S CONFIRMED THAT FLAG HAS BEEN HIT DIRECTLY AGAIN AND AGAIN, I don’t understand.” After the smoke cleared, the flag was still standing! The pole was bent but it was still standing and the thing that kept that flag up were bodies of 5 soldiers.  Then Scott-Key wrote the famous Star Spangled Banner.


by Kaiden Bayer

SMAMS Fundraiser

Students here at the middle school will soon begin the school – wide fundraiser! All students are encouraged to participate!

On October 21st students will attend the fundraiser assembly to introduce how it will run! Students will also receive their tickets to begin selling! Sales will run from October 21 to November 4.  All students will receive 20 tickets. The ticket price is 3/ $5.00.

 If your ticket is drawn, the winner will receive 1,000 dollar shopping spree to the Chamber of Commerce! They will be given 40- $25.00 gift certificates to spend at any business in St. Marys who is a member of the Chamber. The drawing will be November 7, 2019!!! 

Students who sell all their tickets and would like more are welcome to pick up more in the office! Prizes will be awarded for the top selling students in each grade level, the top selling student overall, and trophies are awarded to the highest selling homerooms! The winning homeroom will receive a prize!